The production of Esther is a historic and dramatic retelling of the courageous life of Queen Esther. The play begins with the edict of King Cyrus freeing the Jewish captives to return to their home land of Jerusalem and then moves forward several years to the feast of King Ahasuerus with all his wise and mighty men. It is at this feast that the King calls for Vashti to come stand before him and all his guests. But when she refuses, the King’s furry causes him to remove Vashti as Queen and seek another bride among the fairest young women of his land. But when the soldiers come for Hadassah, Mordecai gives her the name of Esther and warns her to keep her Jewish heritage a secret to all in the palace. She obeys and is soon crowned the new Queen of all the Persian lands. But it is not long before Esther learns the real reason why God has brought her to the Kingdom, as Haman’s evil plan to kill her people and destroy the nation of Israel is finally revealed to her. It is then that she faces the hardest decision she has ever faced –to take a stand for her life and the lives of her people, believing that God had sent her to the Kingdom for such a time as this.

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