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Pastor Mark O'Donnell

Pastor Mark O'Donnell
After spending three active years in the US Army, Pastor Mark O’Donnell began attending the University of Akron.  It was while studying there and attending a local church that he met his wife Sheri.  It was just one month after they were engaged that God’s call to preach was clearly impressed upon his heart.  After completing two and half years at the University of Akron and marrying Sheri, Pastor O’Donnell began attending Massillon Baptist College in pursuit of a Pastoral Degree.  While attending Bible College the Lord opened up the door for he and his new bride to work with teenagers and in the music ministry.  God blessed them with victory after victory in both their ministry and personal lives.  In 1991, Pastor and Sheri were blessed with their first of four children, Joshua followed by Morgan, Megan, and Caleb.   In 1994 God led Pastor Mark O’Donnell to start the Community Baptist Temple in the Lake Senior Center in Uniontown, Ohio.  The work began with he and his family and today it continues to thrive and grow.  Throughout his life, it is evident that Christ has always been at the center of his life and ministry.  Prayer, passion and persistence have been core building blocks in the pursuit of a bright and blessed future.  Pastor O’Donnell selflessly gives of himself to both God and others and as a result countless families and individuals have reaped the benefit.  In every victory that God brings to Community Baptist Temple and his own life and family, Pastor Mark O’Donnell is sure to give the glory to the only one that really deserves it, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Steve Cavanaugh
Assistant Pastor
Stephen Cavanaugh

Brother Steve Cavanaugh and his family have been serving the Lord in the ministry since 2007, and at CBT since March of 2012. He is the Assistant Pastor and leads the Media Ministries. He has been married to his wife Liz since 2007. They have been blessed with a wonderful family of five children.

Joshua O'Donnell
Music Director
Josh O'Donnell

Brother Joshua has been serving on staff at CBT since 2011. He, along with his wife Sarah, oversee CBT's Youth Department as well. They have a one daughter, Maci.

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