Nursery Care


A well-staffed nursery is available at each service.  Loving and trained nursery workers will take of your child in a clean and safe environment while you enjoy the services.  A paging system is available for infants, and a first-class security system is used for all children.  Volunteers who work with children are carefully interviewed, screened, and trained.  Nurseries are available from newborns through age 4.

The nursery suite is seperated into 3 divisions:

Infants          0 - 12 months

Mids              13 months - 2 years old

Toddlers        3 - 4 years old

The safety and excellence in care of your young ones is not a responsiblity with take lightly. Besides having a well equipped and well trained nursery staff, we also utilize an electronic check-in system. This tool allows us the security of knowing we are not releasing a child to an un-authorized guardian, or that we don't inadvertantly give a treat to a little one who has an allergy.

Rather then you having to stand in a line, or take the time before a service to fill out can register your children from the convenience of your home.

When you arrive for your visit with us, simply put in your phone number at the check-in kiosk located in the nursery lobby, and you are ready to check your little ones into the nursery.


Community Baptist Temple
1435 Kelly Ave.
Akron, OH 44306

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